The Holiday Drinks Book Tag

Happy Blogmas day 11! Today comes a post I have been really excited about! Anyone who knows me knows that I live for the holiday season, and above that, I love holiday drinks. My favourite has to be the classic Starbucks Peppermint Mocha. I will go to extremes lengths just to get myself a cup of that chocolatey goodness. So when I saw this tag over on the lovely Danielle’s blog I knew I had to do it. Please go check out her post as well (here’s the link: Life of a Literary Nerd).

The Rules:

  • Check out the original post at Browsing for Books
  • Link back to this post so I can see all your amazing answers
  • Have fun
  • Get a holiday drink to sip while writing!

HOT CHOCOLATE | MARSHMALLOWS AND CHOCOLATE AND WHIPPED CREAM, OH MY! Recommend a book that’s sweet through and through.


Geekerella by Ashley Poston. I have raved about this book probably one too many times at this point, but here it goes again… This is an adorable book from start to finish, and a wonderful take on a classic tale. If anyone is looking for an easy weekend read, look no further.

PEPPERMINT MOCHA | THE FLAVOR OF PEPPERMINT IS STRONG AND DISTINCT. Recommend a book with a lot of strong emotions.


Nevernight by Jay Kristoff. This was an amazing book, period, end of sentence. This book was a twisted, wild ride from the first page to the last and it was definitely a rollercoaster of emotions.

APPLE CIDER | IT’S SO GOOD IT CAN’T BE GOOD FOR YOU, BUT IT’S FROM APPLES—THAT MEANS IT’S HEALTHY, RIGHT? Recommend a book full of characters with questionable morals.


Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard. At first glance the characters in this story appear to have strong moral convictions; however it quickly becomes clear that they are anything but moral leaders. I love a good complicated character, and this book is full of them.

EGGNOG | IT’S CREAMY AND SMOOTH, WITH A LITTLE SPICE, AND SOME PEOPLE EVEN ADD ALCOHOL TO IT. Recommend a book that’s mostly fun, with just a hint of danger.


Renegades by Marissa Meyer! What a fun story full of heroes and villains and amazing superpowers. This books was so fun, with our amazing antihero lending us that hint of danger every good book needs.



The Maze Runner by James Dashner. This book couldn’t have more action if it tried! I have never read a book more jam-packed with twists and revelations and truly non stop action. The movies definitely don’t do it justice (though the first did do a pretty good job).

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