About Me

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What is an introduction for? Some would say it is the start of a story that lays the groundwork for all the excitement to come. Others would say it is the beginning paragraph of an essay; the place where you find the thesis statement. Still others will say it is an opening to introduce something or someone. This particular introduction falls under all three definitions. You could say this is the beginning of my story as a blogger, or I could state my goal which is to talk about books, particularly YA books in the fanatsy, dystopia and scifi genres. Finally, this is an introduction of who I am.

My name is Norees and I love to read, I am a proud Hufflepuff and ever since I can remeber I have had a book in my hand. As I attempt to make my way through University, studying History and Religious Studies and wondering what I will do with my life, I always have books to keep me grounded. I love how they can transport you to other worlds and open your mind to new possibilities. I should probably say that Harry Potter is my favourite book series of all time. This and the fact that I usually buy my books ten at a time tells you a great deal about who I am.

I suppose a proper blog introduction should start  with an outline of exactly what I wish to accomplish with this blog and what it’s content will be, but seeing as I have never written a blog before I will be a bit unconventional and put it at the end. There is nothing I love more than discussing a book I have read whether it be bad or good, and so with this blog I will be reviewing books in the YA genre and talking about my take on them as well as my personal insights. My goals are open ended, I only wish to see if blogging would work for me, so fingers crossed and we will see how it goes!


Favourite Movies:

Harry Potter (was it even a question)

Jurassic Park

Most (if not all) Marvel movies

Indiana Jones

Star Trek (the new ones)

Any Disaster movie

*many many more

Favourite TV shows:

The 100



Star Trek (I grew up watching it)

The Good Place

Brooklyn 99