Rating System

Hey everyone, I thought it would be beneficial to explain how I rate the books I review. For my reviews I use a star rating system of 0 stars to 5 stars, using half stars as well. Though I include my own personal opinions in my reviews, I try to be relatively objective in my ratings, basing them on the quality of the book, rather than my view of that particular genre.

0 Stars


A book with zero stars would be one that was so bad I could’t even finish reading it.

1 Star


A book with one star would be one that I managed to finish but it was a struggle. Something that I really didn’t enjoy, or was badly written.

2 Stars


two stars is not a good book. It would be poorly written, with little character development and predictable plots.

3 Stars


three stars is a pretty decent book. It definitely had some flaws and could have been better, but overall I enjoyed reading it.

4 Stars


Four stars is for a great book. It would be a really enjoyable read, well written and engaging, but not quite at the five star level of an all time favourite.

5 Stars


For a book to earn five stars it would have to be a fantastic read, something I could read over and over again. It would be a very well written book with highly developed characters and a really engaging plot.