Top 5 Books

This page is my top 5 recommendations for anyone interested in my favourite reads. I will continue to update this page as I find new favourites. All the books features on this page are ones I have rated at least 4/5 stars. I love recommending books and getting recommendations so if you have any books you feel should be on my list, let me know in the comments! I have started from 5, going down to number one, my all time favourite recommendation.

5. My Lady Jane, By: Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton and Jodi Meadows.


I have done a complete review for this book as well which you can access here but I will just add that this book was such an unexpected joy. I am not usually a fan of historical fiction (ironic for someone studying history in university) but this book added magic and humour, making it one of the funniest and oddly most relatable books I have read in a long time. I highly recommend giving it a try.

4. The Book Thief, By:Markus Zusak


I am not sure if this should be limited to YA, but as it is about characters in that age range it usually is put in the YA section. This book is a work of art, I have never read anything quite like it. The whole premise of death as the narrator was intriguing and the story was heart wrenching. If you have not yet read this classic, please go out and buy yourself a copy, you will not regret it.

3. Falling Kingdoms, By: Morgan Rhodes


I have also written a review of this book which you can read here and if you have read enough of my blog you know I am obsessed with this entire series. I would recommend the whole series, but I have a soft spot for the first book because it started it all. I do recognize that if you are not a fan of high fantasy this book will not be for you, but I encourage you to try anyways because the writing and the world building is really exceptional, and the mixed gender POVs allow for a nicely rounded story.

2. Jurassic Park, By: Michael Crichton


Again, not really a YA book, but it is one of my absolute favourites. It is better than the movie, and it makes me sad that so many people don’t know that the movie was in fact based on a book. It is a great sci-fi read, and if you did enjoy the movie, definitely give it a try. Crichton’s writing can be really technical at times, because his books are heavily researched in an effort to make the science fiction elements realistic.

1. The Harry Potter Series, By: J.K. Rowling


I know this isn’t a single book, nor is it really a YA series, but these books really live up to their hype, and they deserve the number 1 spot on this list. I grew up with Harry Potter and I was one of the many kids who waited for that letter from Hogwarts on my 11th birthday. The world Rowling created is so immersive and complex, it is really a joy to read. I assume most of you have either read the books or watched the movies, or both, but if you have yet to do so, I highly recommend it.