I Judge Books By Their Covers

Happy Thursday my bookworms! So I was scrolling through posts this morning and I came across a post by the wonderful Marija over at Inside My Library Mind where she judges books by their covers (and their blurbs of course). I thought this was such a fun idea that I wanted to give it a go as well. Please follow the link and check out her original post as well. We all know the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” but let’s be honest we all do it. I think it’s impossible to walk into a bookstore and browse the shelves and not judge books by their covers at least a little bit. So here are some new and upcoming releases I picked solely based on their covers and I’ll read their blurbs after and see if it’s something that interests me. Will the stories live up to the beautiful covers?

45046567.jpgMy first impression of the cover: I love these colours! I have no idea what this is about but I would guess something whimsical? It’s giving me Mr. Magorium vibes. It also kind of looks kid like which is confusing because I pretty sure this is an adult book, but you know what, I kind of love that!

After reading the synopsis: OMG ok right off the bat this sounds amazing! “A magical island. A dangerous task. A burning secret.” I am hooked. This kind of sounds like Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children but less depressing? I am really into it, ok this one is 100% going on my TBR.

GoodReads Link: Here




My first impression of the cover: This is very eye catching, I kind of love it! it’s pretty simple but it tells me a lot about the book. I mean obviously it’s about women who helped create the nuclear bomb, but it has major hidden figures vibes which is great! What I can’t tell is if this is fiction or non-fiction..

After reading the synopsis: So it is non-fiction! Alright, that’s pretty cool, not usually my cup of tea but this does actually sound pretty interesting. It seems to be a collection of stories so more of an anthology, which is cool. I think I would read this, I give it an 80% chance of me buying it.

GoodReads Link: Here




My first impression of the cover: This is very pretty, I love the colour scheme. I don’t have a lot of purple books so I am already very drawn to this one. It feels very dream like. I’m pretty sure this is a contemporary fiction. That’s sad because I really don’t like that genre lol. I kind of wanted it to be like a time travel romance or something.

After reading the synopsis: I was right this is a contemporary! It doesn’t seem to be terribly original either, I mean car crash, lost loved one, ill fated romance, it’s got all the clichés. I will not be reading this book, I give it a 0% chance of purchase.

GoodReads Link: Here




My first impression of the cover: This is very mysterious, I like the title too, it’s classic YA fantasy. I think those are black roses in the background, so my guess would be some kind of royalty, obviously enemies attract romance, maybe assassins? Either way I’m into it.

After reading the synopsis: Wow I couldn’t have been more wrong about the plot lol. It’s a magical realism about gods living in our world?! with a murder mystery to boot! This is actually way cooler and more unique than I thought, I definitely want to read it now. i give it a 85% chance of purchase.

GoodReads Link: Here



51710973._SY475_.jpgMy first impression of the cover: At first glance this cover is really busy, but I think that’s actually really cool, the longer you look at it the more things you notice! I will say I’m not crazy about the title font, but I love the rest of the cover. It makes me think of Pirates of the Caribbean, and of Greek mythology. I really hope the story is interesting for this one.

After reading the synopsis: This does actually sound pretty cool, a girl pirate, a runaway bride, a mermaid rescue? all component of a great epic quest! The synopsis does make it sound a little young, but I’m hoping that is just because it has a fairytale feel to it. I give this a 70% chance of purchase.

GoodReads Link: Here


Did you guys like this post? I had a blast doing it! Let me know if you want me to do more of these, I think its an interesting way to expose myself to new books and also learn that sometimes a nice cover doesn’t mean the book is going to be a good one.

6 thoughts on “I Judge Books By Their Covers

  1. These are beautiful covers! And yes, it’s very true that we all judge books by their covers. There’s a similar saying in the restaurant industry – “you eat with your eyes first”. We are a visual species. Pretty things catch our eyes first. If a cover is unattractive, we are more likely to pass the book over. I’ve also found that those who put the time and effort into creating/purchasing a beautiful cover are also the ones who put the time and effort into making sure their books are the best they can be before they are published. Just my experience 🙂

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