Discussion Post: Dust Jacket as Bookmarks

Happy Wednesday Bookworms, it’s been a while since I have been posting regularly on Wednesdays so I thought it was high time for a new discussion post. Recently I had a few friends over, and one of my friends spotted my book on the coffee table. I had just started reading it, and had decided to use the dust jacket as the bookmark. She was appalled that I would use the dust jacket in such a fashion, starting a discussion in our friend group about what should or should not be used as a bookmark. I maintain that you can use one side of the dust jacket till you get to the middle of the book and then you use the other side! I mean if I can’t use dust jackets for that what on earth are they good for?! They are so annoying, always falling off the cover, slipping up or down and just generally being annoying.


I know the usual arguments are around doggy ears as bookmarks, which is of course a pretty heated debate, though I will admit to dog-earing in the past (I know I suck, but honestly, sometimes I forget my bookmarks and what is a girl to do?). But I want to hear what you guys have to say about this! Do you throw that bookmark away when you get a hardcover book? or do you think that using those dust jacket sleeves to mark your spot should be outlawed? sound off in the comments with all your thoughts!

3 thoughts on “Discussion Post: Dust Jacket as Bookmarks

  1. It depends on the quality of the dust jacket, for example i noticed killing commendatore ( Uk edition) dust jacket creases easily so i don’t use it as a bookmark, now with dust jackets like the illuminae series i use it as a book mark

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