TV Standouts of 2019

Blogmas day 21! AH we’re in the final count-down now, and I am beyond excited, and filled with probably too much holiday spirit. Today I am going to look back at some of the TV show standouts of 2019. Thos who know me know that when I am not reading, I am probably watching TV. With the age of streaming services, tv shows are really pulling out all the stops, and this year’s selection is no exception. As usual I want to hear from all of you down in the comments, tell me your tv show standouts of the year, you’re go-to binge shows!

1. The Expanse: Season 4


Hundreds of years in the future, things are different than what we are used to after humans have colonized the solar system and Mars has become an independent military power. Rising tensions between Earth and Mars have put them on the brink of war. Against this backdrop, a hardened detective and a rogue ship’s captain come together to investigate the case of a missing young woman. The investigation leads them on a race across the solar system that could expose the greatest conspiracy in human history.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime

I adore this series! I am so excited that Amazon saved it in its hour of need and man did they do a good job with it. I binged this season hard, and I have no regrets (except maybe that I now have to wait for the next season).

2. Stranger Things: Season 3


It’s the fall of 1984, about a year after Will Byers was found, and he has been plagued by seeing visions of the Upside Down featuring a more dangerous monster. That leads the boy to see a suspiciously friendly new doctor, with the possibility that Will’s visions are the result of suffering from PTSD. Nancy deals with survivor’s remorse over the death of best friend Barb. Meanwhile, a new sinister entity threatens the Hawkins residents who survived the year-earlier events. New to the town is tomboy Max, who befriends the boys and attracts the romantic interests of Dustin and Lucas.

Where to watch: Netflix

The second season of this show was definitely lacking, but season 3 came out strong and reminded me why I fell in love with this show and its characters to begin with. I hope this trend continues in season 4!

3. Derry Girls: Season 2


Following Erin and her friends as they grow up in a world of armed police in armoured Land Rovers and British Army check points in 1990s Northern Ireland and attempt to navigate the highs and lows of being teenagers.

Where to watch: Netflix

This show is hilarious. full stop. Everyone who hasn’t seen this show needs to drop everything they are doing and watch it now! It has a normal, light sort of comedy, and manages to get you laughing without really trying. I hope we get many more seasons.

4. The Society: Season 1


Busloads of Connecticut high school students head off for an extended camping trip, but a storm forces them to return home.Upon their return, the teens realize that all of the town’s adults are gone in this modern take on “Lord of the Flies.” Their newfound freedom is fun at first, but it quickly becomes dangerous. While they struggle to figure out what has happened to them and how to get the town back to normal, the teens must establish order and form alliances in order to survive.

Where to watch: Netflix

WOW. I wasn’t expecting much from this show, I figured it would be another cheesy Netflix teen drama. It turned out to be a dark, incredibly well acted, thriller mystery with all the hints of lord of the flies that I was promised!

5. Sex Education: Season 1


Socially awkward high school student Otis may not have much experience in the lovemaking department, but he gets good guidance on the topic in his personal sex ed course — living with mom Jean, who is a sex therapist. Being surrounded by manuals, videos and tediously open conversations about sex, Otis has become a reluctant expert on the subject. When his classmates learn about his home life, Otis decides to use his insider knowledge to improve his status at school, so he teams with whip-smart bad girl Maeve to set up an underground sex therapy clinic to deal with their classmates’ problems. But through his analysis of teenage sexuality, Otis realizes that he may need some therapy of his own

Where to watch: Netflix

This show was so fun and refreshingly honest. It gave a look into the lives of teenagers that was more down to earth than your typical teen show, yet still managed to throw in some drama and comedy.

One thought on “TV Standouts of 2019

  1. Love this post! I’m not a huge TV show watcher, but I absolutely loved the most recent season of Stranger Things! I can’t wait to see where the producers are going to take the show after what happened in the last episode ❤

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