Top 5 trashy Christmas Movies

Happy Blogmas day 5 bookworms! so far so good, I am still on schedule, let’s see if I can keep this streak going. Today I thought I would share a time honoured Christmas tradition with you all: watching Hallmark style Christmas movies! I love a good trashy Christmas movie and so I thought it would be fun to share my top 5 with you all, and I would love any Hallmark recommendations you guys might have.

1. A Christmas Prince (Trilogy?)

Screen Shot 2019-12-05 at 11.37.26 AM.png

These movies are so bad, that they’re good again! Like you just can’t take them seriously, but that is really the best part. Honestly if you haven’t seen them and are hoping I will tell you a bit of the plot, all you need to do is read the titles, it really doesn’t get any more complex.

2. I’ll be Home for Christmas


A mad dash to get home for Christmas, full of weird missteps and Disney family magic? count me in! I watch this movie every year (no regrets).

3. The Princess Switch


Venessa Hudgens times two? need I say more? I will say that this movie continues the Netflix trend of casting more famous and attractive female leads, and less attractive and relatively unknown male leads, which is a confusing tactic to say the least. This movie is obviously horrible, with major plot holes and enough clichés to fill multiple Christmas stockings, but it is also so much fun, and very funny (even if it wasn’t trying to be).

4. A Holiday Engagement


Getting dumped right before the holidays and using a fake fiancé to fool your family? who hasn’t been there?! LOL ok seriously though, this movie is full of fun clichés and is overall an enjoyable holiday filled time.

5. The Holiday Calendar


This might be the most realistic of the Netflix Christmas romcoms to date (which is really saying something since this has a magical calendar in it…). The Romance is actually very sweet and somewhat relatable (no mysterious European Princes this time). This movie definitely leans more towards genuinely good than trashy!


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