Book Question Monday

Happy Monday booklovers and a very happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canadians. I personally am very proud to be from the great white North and I hope you are all finding ways to celebrate today. Now last week I started this book question Monday idea, and since I got positive feedback from all of you I thought I would keep the ball rolling with another question today! As with last week this is all about you guys, I want to hear your thoughts and answers down in the comments.

Do you read translated books?

So I realize that most of us reading this post are probably from an English speaking country so the most popular books out there are usually offered up in our first language, no translation required. However, two notable exceptions for me are Inkheart and the Ruby Red series. Both of these were originally written in German. Now I am fortunate enough to speak German and have read these books in their original as well as translated forms. As good as the translations are, the originals are of course better, but if it hadn’t been for those translated copies sitting in Canadian bookstores I never would have found those two incredible series. Do you ever look for non-English books? Or have you ever discovered a book you were reading was actually a translation?


One thought on “Book Question Monday

  1. I do read translated books, though I do not tend to read a lot of them. Fredrik Backman is a pretty popular author and they are translated from Swedish. I loved A Man Called Ove a lot!. I am Dutch myself, though I read mostly in English (I lived in England for 10 years). I wouldn’t read an English translation of a Dutch book though… Just like I would not read a Dutch translation of an English book these days. I would read any other language book translated in either Dutch or English, but preferrably English these days. For some reason I find English an easier language to read in.

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