Book Question Monday


Happy Monday book lovers! So I have been thinking about a new post series to start as part of my vow to blog more this summer. Finally I realized that a weekly question post, where I pose bookish questions to all of you would be a really fun thing to try out. I welcome any feedback from you guys as well as any questions you might have for me.

For Today’s question I thought I would ask something that has been on my mind recently after a few discussions with my friends.

How do you read?

Let me explain what I mean by this. For me when I read a book it is like seeing a movie in my head. It actually has gotten to the point where I have been surprised that the weather in the book was not what was happening outside my window. One time after hours of reading, I took a quick snack break and when I got back I actually looked at my TV for a few seconds before realizing that no, I had not been watching a movie! Now I thought this is how it was for everyone, until recently I had a discussion with one of my friends who said for her reading felt like someone was telling her a story in her head, but it was not the “movie” experience I had described. So I want to hear from all of you, how do you read? do you see images or maybe hear your own voice reading the words in your head? let me know in the comments.


11 thoughts on “Book Question Monday

  1. Such a great question! I never thought about it before. I just hear my own “head voice” reading the words and the characters and places connote something more akin to feelings rather than being images that I can see.

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  2. I vaguely hear my own voice, as that’s been a habit I’ve never been good at silencing! But I also watch the events and dialogue unfolding as though it’s a movie in my head. One of the reasons why I love reading so much is that experience of conjuring up the entire world and all scenes as the story moves along. It’s a great visitation to the wonder and magic of childlike imagination.

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  3. Great question – I have literally been staring into space for ages thinking about this! It’s such a familiar process that it’s difficult to break down … but I think I hear my own voice reading it aloud.
    📕MP📖 X

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