Exciting Upcoming TV-Shows

Hi bookworms, I realize this is my second non-book related post in a row but there are so many exciting tv show premiers coming up soon so I thought it would be nice to share my favourites with all of you! I have a list below of all the upcoming releases in no particular order. I would also love to hear from all of you about your favourite TV shows and which ones you are currently binging.

1. Game of Thrones Season 8

Release Date: April 14


Watch the trailer: Here

I think most of the world is waiting with bated breath for this show to air. I have been relating the entire show in order to prepare for April and man there is so much I had forgotten from seasons ago… I just want to know what happens already!!

2. Jane the Virgin Season 5

Release Date: March 27


Watch the trailer:Here

This show really surprised me, when I first started watching I didn’t like it at all, and then it totally won me over. I am really sad that this is going to be their last season, but after the insane cliff hanger they left us with it really cannot start soon enough.

3. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 2

Release Date: April 5


Watch the trailer: Here

This quickly became the show for people who just couldn’t handle Riverdale anymore. It’s quirky and satanist approach to Sabrina the teenage which was oddly captivating, and I am excited to see what the second season brings!

4. The 100 Season 6

Release Date: April 30


No trailer yet.

This has been one of my favourite shows for a long time, and it definitely lost itself in the last couple season. However, which the way that season 5 ended I am really optimistic for the next part of this story. The series needed a reboot and I think that is exactly what this new season is going to do.

5. The Crown Season 3

Release Date: TBD


No trailer yet….

I feel like I have been waiting forever for the third season of the Crown… I realize they had to basically recast the entire show, but still. There is still no release date, but it seems to be confirmed that it will air at some point this year, so fingers crossed it happens sooner rather than later.

7 thoughts on “Exciting Upcoming TV-Shows

  1. Great post!

    I am such a TV Nerd and totally watch all these tv gems you mentioned with the exception of The 100. I did see a few episodes from Season 1 awhile back, but couldn’t really get into the series. Although, everyone seems to be talking about this show still, so maybe I’ll give it another try at some point.

    I agree about Jane The Virgin. Omg, those final moments in the finale! Wow! Can’t wait for the new season! Sad it’s the last season though.

    I absolutely can’t wait for the new season of The Crown as well. Curious to see the new cast.

    I have too many TV Favorites to list, LoL. Although, super bummed that this is the last season of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

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  2. I am so ready for The Crown season 3. I watched it over a year ago when it had already been out for a while thinking I was timing it so that the new stuff would come out shortly after I finished it. Boy was I wrong, haha.

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