Discussion Time: Lending people books

Hey bookworms, I realized I haven’t done a discussion post in a while, so I decided to bring up something that I personally struggle with: lending people my books. I don’t know about you, but I am very protective of my books. I carefully care for them and usually only trust myself to read them. Now to those of you that aren’t like this I probably sound like a crazy person, but you have to understand that I have usually paid good money for these books, and especially when they are book I loved, they feel like treasured possessions.

tumblr_mfc83f94v21r9gl25o6_250.gif       tumblr_nu3xn6FfJ71rypsblo2_250.gif

Now on the other hand, I love when people ask me for book recommendations, and I love to share books that I really enjoyed with others. So I become very conflicted, do I lend them my book and let go of my protectiveness or do I ignore the part of me that loves to share my favourite stories with others? I have had several bad experiences were I lended someone a book and they never returned it, or returned it bent and stained, or once my friend gave me a library book back and tried to pretend it was the book I had given her.

In the end I think my desire to push books I personally loved on my friends overrides the overprotectiveness I feel about my books. There is nothing better than lending your favourite book to you friend and seeing them start to love it too!


On a last note I will add that on the other side of things, I also rarely borrow books from others. Mostly because if I love the book then I am forced to buy a book I have already read ( because yes, I am a weirdo and I need to own all my favourite books). The bottom line is that if I decide to lend you one of my books it is my way of saying that I trust you completely, unless of course any harm comes to the book (**cue evil villain laughter)

What are your thoughts? Do you like to lend others books, or borrow books yourself? let me know in the comments!

45 thoughts on “Discussion Time: Lending people books

  1. Reblogged this on John's Notes and commented:
    I thought that this post brought up some good points. I have loaned books out and never had them returned. Now that I read mostly eBooks, loaning out my books is not an option.

    Do you loan out your books? Do you have them returned in good condition? Do you recommend that others loan out their books?

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  2. I think I took a middle ground on this topic. I lend but to a chosen few – those who will lend me their books and they will care about the books just like I would. If I suspect that will not be the case, I won’t even show them my book treasure. I NEED TO HIDE THEM.

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  3. I have lost a lot of books in the past because I’ve loaned them out. I don’t have a lot of actual books anymore because I don’t have the room. So a lot of what I get these days is on Kindle and it’s a pain to loan those out. That gives me an out.

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  4. I lend my books to trusted friends without problem! As I have already too many on my TBR I don’t borrow them. And I LOVE recommending books!

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  5. I bought a library stamp with my name on it so hopefully those who keep my book can feel guilty that my name is in it!! But, alas I hardly get my books back either and it makes me sad. So I stopped lending copies and started buying people books as gifts for bdays, holidays.

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  6. I have surprisingly few physical books, and they’re mostly non-fiction reference materials that no one in their right mind would ever want to read. But no one touches my kindle…

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  7. It depends who’s asking – there are some people I wouldn’t trust not to damage a house brick let alone a book – but there are a few people I can trust with my books. My Nan is no longer one though, which was a tough one to explain to her.

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  8. Usually I do lend people my books but then I want them back in a proper condition. One time I got one back with a bent spine and all … urg, I was not happy ….


  9. Oh my gosh…that #readthebook GIF is one I use WAY too often ha-ha! I tend to lend books to people I KNOW will take care of them…so some of my friends and family. I don’t mind letting people borrow it for an extended period of time, but I’ve had a few books not returned…some of which were my favourites…so now I’m hesitant to depart from them.

    There are some books I refuse to lend out – they are my “collection” or “expensive” or “favourite” ones that I would seriously lose it if they were damaged or lost or never returned.

    I feel like a book snob some days…


  10. I do lend books to friends/family occasionally but usually I’ll give them a recommendation instead as in the past I’ve lent out books and not got them back unfortunately. I’m fine with lending good friends and family books, as long as they don’t destroy them etc!

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  11. I really like lending books to other but I’m also very possessive about my books. Once to mark a page, my friend folded it so much, that there was a permanent crease on the book. Duh! I’m possessive about my book marks too🙈

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  12. I have lent people my books and have not gotten them back, or I have gotten them back and they are NOT in good condition. I have stopped lending out books. Now I get books from the library. If I fall in love with a book or series, I buy them. Then I don’t tell anyone that I own them, because I am like a dragon, I hoard my books.

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