Must See Bookstagram Accounts

Hey book lovers, as many of you are aware, bookstagram (book themed instagram accounts) have been growing steadily more popular in recent years. I myself have an account- NoReadsTooGreat (sorry had to do some self promotion there). Today I thought I would share some of my favourite accounts that I follow, because some of these bloggers are insanely talented!

***Any pictures I have included have been taken from the official Instagram accounts of these bloggers and should not be copied without giving them their due credit.

1. The Reader and the Chef (aka Melissa and Isabel)


Instagram Link  here

2. The Simple Booklover (aka Caitlin)


Instagram Link  here

3. Paperfury (aka CG Drews)


Instagram Link here

4. Meredith.Mara


Instagram Link here

5. We Booking Love It (aka Star and Fleur)


Instagram Link here

These accounts are just a few of my favourites, but I am blown away by them. I am so inspired by these amazing bloggers and I can only hope my own bookstagram will get to their level one day!

What are some of your favourite bookish social media platforms?

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