Discussion Time: Hardcovers vs Paperbacks

Hey bookworms, it’s everyone’s favourite time of the month…. Discussion time! I’m just kidding, my actual favourite time of the month is probably book shopping, but discussions are fun too. Being in the UK I have begun to realize that most of their books are paperbacks. I thought it was odd that when I ordered a new release, it arrived as a paperback, but then I started looking around and I saw that hardcovers are not very common here (at least in Edinburgh). So I started thinking, have the cracked the code to better/more affordable reading? or are hardcovers something we should fight to keep?


Personally I have always liked hardcover books. I know they are more expensive and more cumbersome than paperbacks, but they also stay nice so much longer. When I read the pages of paperback books tend to bend and kink, even though I am careful with them. I just don’t have that problem with hardcovers.

Secondly, with the dust-jackets you get a built in bookmark which is perfect because I often forget my bookmarks or they are occupied by other books. And on a purely aesthetic level, I like my books (particularly ones in the same series) to look the same on the shelf, i.e. same height and style. I find that paperbacks are more often different sizes, whereas hardcovers all share a similar size.

On the other hand, paperbacks can fit into my purse which is very helpful considering I always like to carry my books with me (you never know when you will have a moment to read!). Paperbacks are also (as I said earlier) cheaper than hardcovers, and when I am buying tons of books, cheaper is better.


(I will definitely take advantage of any excuse to ad a Chris Evans GIF to a post)

I want to hear from you guys, do you prefer one over the other? do you look for hardcovers or wait until the paperbacks come out? or do you just not care either way? let me know in the comments!

9 thoughts on “Discussion Time: Hardcovers vs Paperbacks

  1. I’m definitely a paperback kind of gal but I think that’s mainly convenience and portability than anything! The only hardcovers I have are if they are special editions and I have gone out of my way to buy it (a signed copy or something) but usually if they are a ‘special’ one and haven’t read it then I’ll end up buying it again in paperback so I can read it comfortably. It’s completely ridiculous! I commute a lot via train so I use that time as reading time so the paperback comes in better than. My recent internal debate with myself has become book vs. Kindle. I swore I would never own a Kindle but… um, yeah.

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  2. Hardcover usually looks better… but it also takes up more space, and if i want a book to take with me, i wouldn’t pick a hardcover.

    That said, i usually prefer e-books to any other formats.

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  3. I think Hardcover look better (I am big on bookstagrams) and as far as fitting into a handbag I do prefer my ereader to Paperback 😉


  4. Definitely paperbacks because they’re easier to open, port, hold, and I like the variety look on the shelf (it makes finding books quicker). I used to be careful and picky about the appearance of pages and covers (they’d stay unblemished for years), but then I realised the effort of keeping them perfect was preventing me from enjoying them and using them. Now I’m sad when I see creases or nicks or fraying in the spine, but then I remember books are just like people: they have bodies which age through living wear.

    No, wait, books are also immortal because their souls are easily transferred into different bodies 🙂

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