Discussion Time: Love Triangles

Hey bookworms, I thought it was high time I do another discussion post, and I know love triangles are a subject that has been debated many times before, but recently they have really been annoying me and I wanted to hear everyone else’s thoughts. The main question for this discussion is can love triangles be done well or are they destined to be a tired and overused trope?

There are some very prominent love triangles in YA fiction, from Tessa, Will and Jim in Cassandre Clare’s Clockwork series, to Ron, Hermione and Lavender in Harry Potter to Katniss, Peeta and Gale from the Hunger Games. Chances are you have all read a story where at least one of the characters was involved in a love triangle.


My issue with love triangles is that there is usually one person the main character is clearly supposed to be with and that you are supposed to root for, but we have to suffer through all the drama before the character realizes it too. While we are all screaming at the book for them to finally realize their true feeling, there is so much unnecessary hurt and angst that gets in the way of the plot.

Exhibit A:



What is almost worse than all of that for me is if the author can’t make up their minds. In the Clockwork series I mentioned above (a prequel series to City of Bones) ***SPOILERS*** though Tessa kind of chooses Will in the end and they get married and live a life together, he eventually dies, and she being immortal lives on. She then reconnects with Jem who also had a brush with immortality, and they start a relationship. Like why did she have to end up with both of them? it felt like such a fan service, and not a decisive ending.

Of course there are some examples where I didn’t mind the love triangle, for example in Red Queen, between Mare, Cal and Maven because the love triangle aspect took a backseat to the plot and there was definitely a design made between the two, so it didn’t drag out unnecessarily.

I want to hear from you guys, are there cases of love triangles done well? or do you think they are a trope that should finally be retired? let me know in the comments!

21 thoughts on “Discussion Time: Love Triangles

  1. Great discussion post! I absolutely feel that love triangles are way overdone and should’ve retired a long time ago. BUT… there are some instances where I feel they were done well. I just personally don’t prefer them. Loved this post though!!

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  2. I think some love triangles are done well but a lot of them really hit my P.O. button like Rose and Dimitri and Adrian in Vampire Academy. I use to love Vampire Academy and I shipped Rose and Dimitri but in the last book the way things happened, it soured me completely to Rose and Dimitri. I hated how Rose treated Adrian in the last book. Neither Rose nor Dimitri showed him the consideration or the respect he deserved to confess their love for each other before breaking it off with Adrian first. They didn’t even realize how badly they hurt Adrian. They were so self-absorbed in their own bubble they didn’t see the harm they did. That really pissed me off.

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  3. I don’t mind this trope, but I hate that when the jilted one of the triangle does find love, it’s like they are never as good as the first one.

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  4. I’ve seen some done so well I couldn’t decide who the girl should end up with, but it becomes tedious for me when she is obviously with the wrong one.

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  5. Don’t get me started on Twilight. Edward should not have been the one to get the girl! That said, I don’t mind triangles. In a lot of books they really add to the story. In others they could have been left out. I think it comes to down to whether or not it adds to the plot.

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  6. In my fave genres there are usually no love sub plots or triangles, but i came across a few in YA mostly. The one in Hunger Games didn’t really bother me, although i was hoping for K to end up with Gale. I’m usually rooting for the “wrong dude” in these books… 😀

    I don’t particularly mind them, because in a way they are realistic. I think at one point we’ve all been there. I know i have. Ooops.

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