Will they or Won’t they? A look at Favourite Book Couples

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! My first love will always be books, and so I thought I would dedicate this post to the best and worst of YA book couples. There is nothing worse than having two characters who are so clearly meant for each other, but they take forever (or in some cases never) to realize it. On the other end of the spectrum, there’s the instalove couples, who take one adoring look at each other and on the next page they are declaring their undying love for one another.

For this post I will look at my top five couples who took their time realizing they were meant to be as my “won’t they” couples, and my top five insta-love couples (though I will point out that insta-love is one of my major issues with YA, but since it’s valentines day I will show them some love too) as my “will they” couples.

Warning: There may be some slight spoilers ahead


Top 5 “will they” couples:

1. Cinderella and Prince Charming


I had to include this iconic couple, even though I know it’s not technically YA, but most of the re-makes are targeting young adult audiences so it still sort of counts. This is one of the few insta love couples I love, there is just something magical about their story, and it definitely captured my imagination, and continues to do so today.

2. America and Maxon (The Selection)

Though they didn’t fall in love immediately after meeting, Maxon and America’s romance did start relatively quickly. However, since they are an absolutely adorable couple I can’t hold their insta love against them. Seriously if you haven’t read the Selection series yet, definitely do, it is the perfect guilty pleasure read!

3. Cassie and Evan (The 5th Wave)


This insta love story is a bit unique, seeing as it takes place in the middle of an alien invasion. I suppose their fast paced romance is explained by the whole end of the world thing, but they did start exchanging ‘I love you’s’ pretty quickly. Still, I like how they challenge each other as a couple, and their loyalty is beyond compare.

4. Gwen and Gideon (Ruby Red)

At first glance their romance doesn’t seem very insta love worthy, as it takes them most of the first book to begin a romantic relationship, but then you realize that the entire series takes place over the time span of a couple weeks, and within that time they are already confessing their undying love. I love this series, it is fun and romantic, and honestly I don’t mind a little insta love when it is done well.

5. Romeo And Juliet


Perhaps one of the most iconic couples of all time, I couldn’t possibly do a Valentine’s Day post without mentioning Romeo and Juliet. Now personally it has never been my favourite Shakespeare play, but there is no denying the impact of Romeo and Juliet’s whirl wind romance. After knowing each other only a few days, they are so in love they are willing to die for each other, if that’s not insta love I don’t know what is.


Top 5 “Won’t they” couples:

1. Adam and Ronan (The Raven Cycle)

I adore Adam and Ronan, they are such a great couple, and once they were presented I was shocked I hadn’t been shipping them from the beginning. It is always nice to see a friends first romance done successfully, and though  they weren’t the primary focus of the series (can we get an Adam and Ronan spin off please?!) their moments were sweet and added something special to the story.

2. Ron and Hermione (Harry Potter)


Now, I know there is a whole group of fans out there who wanted Harry and Hermione to end up together, but honestly I was never one of them. I love Harry and Hermione’s friendship and not every close friendship needs to lead to romance. Ron and Hermione are the poster children of a slow burn romance, as it took them all the way until the end of book 7 to admit they liked each other. In a way the long wait made their admission all the more satisfying.

3. Magnus and Cleo (Falling Kingdoms)

Magnus and Cleo may be one of my favourite book couples, and they were definitely an unexpected one. They spend most of the first and second books hating each other, especially since Magnus killed Cleo’s first love and took over her kingdom. But in the end they become an incredibly devoted couple, with their love guiding the story over the last few books.

4. Alina and Mal (Shadow and Bone)


There was another frustrating wait for these two characters to realize they were meant to be.  Though Alina was in love with Mal since they were children, he is completely oblivious to it, until it was too late. Of course in the end they get their moment, and it is well worth the wait.

5. Raisa and Han (The Demon King)

Another favourite couple from one of my all time favourite series. Raisa and Han definitely were not on each other’s radar in the first book, as they both had feelings for other people. They weren’t even a couple in the second book, and we had to wait until book three for any love admissions. Their bond was really special, and if you are a huge fan of them like me, my advise to you would be to NOT read Flamecaster (the sequel series) because it will shatter your heart into a million pieces.


What do you guys think of my choices? any couples that should (or shouldn’t) be up there? let me know in the comments.

24 thoughts on “Will they or Won’t they? A look at Favourite Book Couples

  1. Inst-love isn’t only a YA thing. It happens a lot in adult romance too. I suppose books would be too long if it were more like real life. Sometimes I scratch my head though.

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  2. YES YES YES to this post! As much as America fustrated me throughout the series, I couldn’t help but ship her with Maxon! Those books are definitely my guilty pleasure reads! And Magnus and Cleo are totally one of my favoirte OTPs ❤ I really liked their hate to love journey. I'm excited to read Immortal Reign, hoping they will have a happy ending (*fingers crossed*) And, dude, I will totally sign a petition for an Adam and Ronan spin off series :O

    Happy reading!


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  3. Great post! I agree with you. Hermoine and Ron were such a great couple. Harry and Hermoine’s friendship is one of the best friendships in literature so why does it have to anything else.

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