Favourite Books Re-Imagined

Happy Wednesday bookworms, I hope everyone is having a good January, I can hardly believe how fast 2018 is going already. This week I wanted to try something new, and I would love to hear your feedback on it. I thought it would be fun to take a few of my favourite books, and re-imagine them (from a different perspective, or in a different time or setting, etc.). If it works out I may make this a reoccurring post!

Warning that there might be a few spoilers ahead, though I have tried to keep them to a minimum.

A New Perspective:

A Court of Thorns and Roses from Rhysand’s perspective 

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 2.04.04 PM.png

So this may be a common request, but having recently read A Court of Thorns and Roses I really think it would be interesting to read it from Rhysand’s point of view. I think the story would be fascinating and it would give an insight into the Queen and the inner workings of the various courts. I also think it would be really neat to see Feyre and Tamlin’s relationship from an outside perspective.


A New Time Setting:

Red Queen, set in the Wild West Period

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 2.19.18 PM.png

This is kind of a weird one, but I just thought what is the strangest combo and this is what popped into my head. I think it could be interesting, turning Red Queen into a Wild West story, complete with gun fights, saloons and a desert backdrop. Perhaps instead of royalty, Maven and Cal are heirs to a railroad tycoon. The powers would of course still be there, so we would probably end up with a weird SciFi-history mixture akin to Cowboys and aliens, so who knows how it would turn out!


A New World:

Shadow and Bone, set on a tropical island

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 2.30.57 PM.png

Honestly I have no idea how this one would work, but I think it would be really entertaining. It is the complete opposite of where the story is actually set and so it would add new elements and factors that I think would be really fun. It would also be hard for the Darkling to be so mysterious and brooding in board shorts and a Hawaiian t-shirt.


If you guys liked this post or didn’t, please let me know in the comments. Also if you have books you would like me to re-imagine let me know, I would love to add more to the list.

25 thoughts on “Favourite Books Re-Imagined

  1. I loved your post, it was really creative and cool! 🙂
    I 100% agree about seeing ACOTAR from Rhys perspective, because this would be so interesting and give us a lor more insight in the Courts and such!
    I didn’t know I needed Red Queen in the Wild West until you mentioned it 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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