The ‘Me in Book Characters’ Tag

Hey bookworms, I am currently in week 3 of my semester abroad, and I have got to say I am loving Scotland, it is a gorgeous country. Also it is a dream come true to study in the birthplace of Harry Potter, I am going full on fan girl! Today I am so excited to do this super fun tag created by Ash and Lo at Windowsill Books. I was tagged by the lovely Anatomy of a Book Thief so definitely go check out her answers, they were wonderful!

The Rules:

  • Thank the creators of the tag (Ash and Lo @Windowsill Books)
  • Thank whoever tagged you
  • List 5 book characters who you are most like and why
  • Tag your friends!

My Characters:

Jane Grey from My Lady Jane


I immediately connected with Jane when I read this book. She is just as book obsessed as I am, and both her and I agree that you should always bring a book wherever you go, because lets face it, books are just the best! We are also both very socially awkward, though she does speak her mind a bit more than I do.

Hermione Granger from The Harry Potter Series


Growing up Hermione was always a role model for me. She, like me, was a smart and nerdy kid, and she made me feel good about being just like her. I wouldn’t say I have her courage, but I definitely aspire to be more like her.

Lucy Pevensie from Narnia


The quality I think Lucy and I share the most is imagination. I love dreaming up new worlds and I wish I could actually get to visit them like she did! Also I adore snow and anything Christmas related, so Narnia as a whole is a favourite book for me.

Annabeth Chase from The Percy Jackson Series


Another book loving girl, I am definitely sensing a theme in my choices. Annabeth and I both have an ambition to prove ourselves and her unfailing love of learning and logic is something I really connect with.

Feyre from A Court of Thorns and Roses


Now this one is a bit of a stretch, I definitely don’t have Feyre’s courage or her survival instincts, but I share her stubbornness. I am also very opinionated which is something I recognized in her as well.

I Tag:

Naty from Naty’s Bookshelf

Mandy from Book Princess Reviews

ilsa from A Whisper of Ink

Beth fromReading Every Night

As always no obligation to do the tag, and if I haven’t tagged you please feel free to join in, and let me know in the comments, I would love to hear your answers!

16 thoughts on “The ‘Me in Book Characters’ Tag

  1. YESSS!! JANE IS AMAZING! Such a good choice! We love her and are seriously so exited for the companion book, My Plain Jane!

    All of your picks were amazing and we relate to them so much! We are so happy you did the tag 🙂

    Happy reading!

    -Ash & Lo

    Liked by 1 person

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