Best and Worst Adaptions

Hey bookworms, I am a big proponent of reading a book before watching the movie or TV show adaption, but I know how exciting it is when a book you love is suddenly getting the big screen treatment. However, as we all know not all of these adaptions are gems. In fact some are downright cringe worthy. I have compiled a list of my top 5 favourite adaptions, and 5 that totally missed the mark.

I should note that I am not really going for how accurate the adaptions are, more for my impression of them overall.

Top 5 Best Adaptions:

1. The Harry Potter series

Harry-potter-films copy.png

So this one sort of goes without saying. I will never stop being impressed with how the makers of the Harry Potter movies stayed so loyal to the books, consulting with J. K. Rowling and really trying to capture the magic of the story. Their casting was amazing, some of the characters look so much like I imagined them it’s almost creepy. Sure, they did start leaving things out in the later books, and tweaking the story a bit, but I will forgive that because overall the movies are brilliant. My only real complaints are with the fourth movie (mostly because it is my favourite book and I think they left out some important information), and the end of the last movie (spoilers: I liked how Harry killed Voldemort in the books, and in the movie it didn’t feel the same). But other than that I really have nothing bad to say about this adaption.


2. The Hunger Games


This is a tricky one because I actually like the movie better than the book. I never read past the first book, partly because I never got around to it, and because the story felt over after the first one. The movies on the other hand had me engaged until the very end. I thoroughly enjoyed all the films, though I recognize that if I had liked the book more I may feel differently.


3. Life of Pi


Though not a YA book, I had to include this on my list. I saw the movie before I read the book (I know, I am ignoring my own book philosophies but I hadn’t heard of th ebook before the movie came out). This books, and movie aren’t for everyone, but I loved them both. The movie not only had amazing special effects, but it had powerful emotional aspects that actually brought me to tears. And if anyone else has had the experience of sobbing in an almost empty movie theatre while the staff look at you like you have gone insane, you know it is a powerful experience.


4. The 100


This adaption is a TV show and not a movie. I kind of like it better when books are turned into TV shows because I feel like they become more complex and leave less out. I understand that The 100 the show went a very different direction than The 100 the book. In fact they are almost better treated as two separate things. I love the show, and felt unsure about the book. I personally feel that the show is much better, as it captures the moral complexities and character dynamics the book was lacking.


5. Princess Diaries


I had to include this adaption on the list because it is one of my favourite childhood movies! Much like The 100, I did not enjoy these books, and though the movie went in a very different direction, I think it turned out much better. I hear there is talk of a third movie, so I will have to keep my fingers crossed, because that would be amazing.


Top 5 Worst Adaptions:

1. Percy Jackson and the Olympians


This one was one of my biggest disappointments when it comes to book-movie adaptions. I loved the Percy Jackson series, and the movie was all wrong. There wasn’t much the movie did right, which was sad because the adaption had so much potential to be great. Personally I think it would work better as a TV show.


2. The Golden Compass


This is another adaption that just missed the mark. The original book Northern Lights by Philip Pullman was a great read, and the movie failed to capture the same magic and suspense, at least for me.


3. The Hobbit


Ok before anyone gets mad let me explain. The Hobbit movies are not on this list because they were inaccurate adaptions, in fact I think they were very accurate. I put them here because I think they were somewhat unnecessary. They turned a 300 page book into 3 very long movies. I think one movie would have been sufficient to capture the essence of the book. The result for me, was that the movies felt drawn out and frankly boring.


4. Inkheart


Inkheart is another one of my childhood favourites, and when I found out they had made it into a movie I was thrilled, until I actually watched it. There are some of the book elements present in the movie but overall I felt that it really missed the mark. There was a lot of potential for great movies, but either the filmmakers didn’t know how to incorporate all the elements nicely, or they didn’t want to.


5. Mortal Instruments: City of Bones


This movie was laughably bad in my opinion. The current adaption (a TV show on Netflix) is also not much better. Some of the lines in this movie were so cheesy and out of place, and having read other works from Cassandra Clare I am surprised an adaption turned out that way. This series had such potential, and though the TV show seems to be faring better than the movie it still doesn’t do the books justice.


What about you guys, do you agree or disagree with any of my choices? what are some of your favourite or hated adaptions?



24 thoughts on “Best and Worst Adaptions

  1. I love Greek Mythology and I had thought to pick up The Percy Jackson series but I don’t know, never did. Then the movies came out and they seemed… boring compared to what I had heard about the books and tbh the movies were kinda confusing!

    I never read The Golden Compass but I fell in love with the movie! I wish they’d continue the series! I always think to pick up these books in the winter time also!

    City of Bones WAS an awful movie lol! I mean I think I just loved it cause I was so in love (and still am) with the series but there were SO MANY THINGS about it that were just… blah! Like so much more went on in the first book! The TV series is okay but I hate that there was no Theodora! I know it’s suppose to be an adaptation but it just seems almost like a whole new different world in my opinion! I think I’ll just stick to the books!

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  2. I totally agree with you on the books I’ve read that’s to say: Harry Potter, the Hunger Games, Percy Jackson (oh no!) and The Mortal Instrument (Gah!). I would add Divergent as worst because I did not recognize the book in the second one…

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  3. I am so glad you touched on Percy Jackson! I was so angry at the ending of the movie because they completely changed it! I don’t normally do book to movie reviews but this is one I wanted to touch on because of how different they made the movie ending.

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  4. I loved Life of Pi. I haven’t read the book- but the movie was just beautiful. I also agree with the 100- awesome series!
    I have heard the mortal instrument series was not so good. Too bad about that one!

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  5. Inkheart made me want to cry. That book held a special place in my heart, and the movie just shattered it all. I disagree that the Hobbit was too long, but you’re talking to someone that also owns the EXTENDED Lord of the Rings. So maybe I’m not a great judge there haha.

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  6. I so agree with your choices! I loved the Harry Potter books and the movie adaptations are fantastic, but there were a few issues I had. Overall though, they were great.

    The Percy Jackson series and The Mortal Instruments movie and TV show are two of my least favorite adaptations. I enjoyed the Inkheart book series, but never watched the movie. I think I would have also included the Eragon movie. It was terrible!

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  7. apart from Harry Potter and Mortal Instruments, I’ve not seen any of the others. I’d have to agree with both your views. Mortal Instruments was an appalling film, I’m not surprised that they didn’t do a sequel. The second season of the series is far better than the first, but still not great. Beautiful Creatures was a horrible movie too. The book is so much better.

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  8. I think you are you the money. I did not read the Hunger Games but did see the movie. I find that many books turned to movies do not do the book justice. One of the times when I thought the movie was better than the actual book was The Devil Wears Prada…much better movie than the book!

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  9. I totally agree with your view of the Harry Potter movies. I was so disappointed with how they changed the final conflict. The book version explained everything and it was the perfect ending. It doesn’t stop me from adoring the books and movies.

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