Book Characters on the Naughty List

Christmas countdown day 6, only one more day and it is Christmas day, how excited are you?! Personally I celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve, so for me Christmas is tomorrow and I can hardly contain myself. For todays holiday post I thought I would follow in the footsteps of some of the other lovely bloggers and do a post for book characters I think would be on the naughty list. I decided to use a lump of coal rating system, with 1 being not so bad, and 5 being the worst of the worst.

1. Luke Castellan, Percy Jackson Series


I adore the Percy Jackson series, it was a favourite of mine growing up, and if I’m being honest I learned more about Greek mythology from it than I did from a University course I took on the subject! I give Luke the one lump of coal spot because though he was one of the main antagonists throughout the first Percy Jackson series, in the end (spoilers) he felt remorse and turned out not to be such a bad guy. In fact, he last act was to kill himself, thereby defeating Kronos, so for that reason he only gets one piece of coal.

2. The Darkling, from Shadow and Bone


Ok I know that the Darkling was a pretty bad guy, but he only gets two pieces of coal because I felt sympathy for him, and he was in a way a victim of circumstance. He was also a great villain, one of the ones you can’t help but love. I really enjoyed the mystery about his true intentions throughout the series. Leigh Bardugo, if you ever see this I would like to make a formal request for a book from his point of view, I think it would provide some much needed answers!

3. Quentin Coldwater from The Magicians trilogy

I very much disliked this book and you can see my full review here. Quentin may have been the intended protagonist of this series but I hated him from start to finish. He was selfish, cruel, egotistical and downright mean. I haven’t seen the Syfy tv show adaption, but I hope they made some much needed improvements. Quentin gets three big fat pieces of coal for being one of the worst protagonists I have read about in a long time.


4. Nathaniel Wadsworth, Stalking Jack the Ripper


Again, spoiler warning if you haven’t read the book! Nathaniel turned out to be Jack the Ripper, and even though I expected it it was still sad. The reason he is getting 4 pieces of coal, and not 5 is that he was honestly trying to do a good thing, just in a very very twisted way. I think in his heart he didn’t understand that what he was doing was bad and that is why he is not the top villain on this list. You can see my review of the Book here

5. Dolores Umbridge, Harry Potter series


I know everyone puts Umbridge on their list, but I honestly cannot think of a worse villain. She was horrible, and cruel and almost ruined the colour pink for me. She gets 5 giant pieces of coal because even though it has been ten years since the last Harry Potter book came out, I still can’t get over how awful she was!

What about you guys, any characters on this list you disagree with? who would make your list? let me know in the comments.

6 thoughts on “Book Characters on the Naughty List

  1. Dolores Umbridge is definitely one of the worst villains. As for The Magicians, been hearing a lot of the same and it’s turned me off from wanting to read it.

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