Discussion Time: Library Books

Hey guys, it’s time for a discussion post! I have held back on doing a discussion post thus far because I have been known to be quite the opinionated person and I didn’t want to scare anyone away, but I felt like it was time to do one. Now as a disclaimer I should say that I worked in library for 5 years and I loved every minute of it, in fact librarian is one of the many possible futures I could see for myself. Now that that is out there, I have to admit that I am a hypocrite, I do not take books out of the library (cue collective gasp).


I know, I know, I am a hypocrite, but I can count on one hand the number of times I have taken a book out from the Library.

Before anyone votes me off the book lovers island, let me explain. I aspire to have my own in house library one day, and so I love to own my books.


(Actual picture of me in my future home)

I also like that when I own a book I can read it any time I want and take my time with it. If I take out a library book there is a set time limit imposed on my reading. Another sticking point for me is that what if I read a library book and love it, so then I buy the sequel. Now I have the sequel but not the first, and I am forced to purchase a book I already read.

I totally understand that not everyone can afford to buy all the books they want (I know I can’t) but I just can’t bring myself to take out library books. I also rarely borrow books from friends for the same reasons, because I would rather spend my money on a new book than on one I already read.

Now it’s your turn


Do you think taking books out of the library is the way to go? If so how do you decide which books you buy and which you borrow, or is it random? I am so curious, I would love to hear some reasoning behind book borrowing.

18 thoughts on “Discussion Time: Library Books

  1. I check out library books, but never borrow books from people. I can understand not buying a book if you already read it, but if you like it and technically want your own library you would have bought it anyway? I use library books as a way to weed out the books I don’t like. That way I don’t waste money on a book I don’t like.

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  2. I check out books from my library all the time. While I LOVE owning copies of books, there’s no way I can afford it. (Paying off two bachelors degrees is expensive, lol) I usually will only buy a book if it’s by an author that I love, if the reviews are amazing and I’m dying to read it, and if I know I’m going to read it multiple times.

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  3. They both have pros and cons. When there is a time limit with the library at least I have a sort of deadline otherwise some books I bought two years ago are still on my shelf unread.

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  4. I am a book slut! I have in excess of 600 actual physical books (and growing), almost 2000 on my Kindle and archived, but I love the library. I am incapable of walking into the library and coming out empty-handed, whether I buy something off the ‘for sale’ trolley or come out with a pile of loan books.

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  5. I haven’t been inside one for years – I’m too busy reading on my kindle 😉 But we do have a wonderful centralized library system in Hawaii and can use Overdrive if I want.

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  6. I can’t remember the last time I took a book out of the library. I used to go to a lovely little library that was standing before I was born (40 years ago). About 5 years ago they shut it down and moved it into a little corner of a building with offices in it. My local library does not have a nice feel to it, never has. Everything is so dated and it’s often full of kids going in to use the computers, but they tend to mess around more than do work. It’s also inside a very noisy building that is a cut through from one side of the town centre to the other. In the end I gave up going.

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  7. I don’t get Library books because I either forget to take them back or they don’t have the book I want. I usually just buy the book when I get extra money so I can have a book and I can read anytime I want. I am so picky at what my books look like and never loan them out. Love your post too 🙂

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