Harry Potter Spells Tag!

HP Spells Book Tag

Hey guys, I realized I had never participated in a book tag before, and I saw this really awesome one at Kimberlyfaye reads so definitely go check out her blog as well! I am a huge Harry Potter fan so this tag is really exciting for me. This post will contain some spoilers for the books listed, but I have tried to keep them to a minimum.


An upcoming release you wish you could get your hands on right now.



This one is easy, Immortal Reign (Falling Kingdoms #6) By: Morgan Rhodes! I literally cannot wait of this book, the cliffhanger at the end of the last one did not help, especially since the release date has now been pushed back.


Favourite series starter.


I have to say The Demon King (Seven Realms Series) by Cinda Williams Chima. This book set up the series perfectly, having a nice balance between world building and character development. It definitely left me clamouring for the next book!


A book that gave you all the warm Fuzzies.

I am going to say the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series by Rick Riordan (I can’t pick just one). They were such a childhood favourite of mine, and to this day I still read them when I feel sad.


A Book that made you ugly cry.

Hands down Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I mean come on, who didn’t cry when Dumbledore died? I actually had to put the book down to control my tears. Though I will say that Deathly Hallows also made me ahead a few tears (RIP Dobby).


Bookish Hero or Heroine you want around to protect you in Real Life.

Probably Elias from An Ember in the Ashes. I think he would be a nice guy to be around and would definitely protect me when I needed help.


A book you Intentionally spoiled for yourself.


This is a tough one, I would have to say Flamecaster (Shattered Realms #1) By: Cinda Williams Chima. This was a series that is set after the events of the Demon King series, and I needed to know if reading it would ruin my love of the original books.


A book you wish you could make everyone read because you loved it so much.


This one isn’t a YA book but Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton. I know lots of people have seen the movie, but many people don’t even know that it is a book. I happen to love this book, and I have read it more times than I can count!


A book or series you wish never ended.

Hands down Harry Potter. I would have been happy reading about their everyday lives for like 10 more books. I just love J.K. Rowling’s writing and it doesn’t feel right that the series is over.


A book with an uplifting ending or message.

I am going to say The Raven King (Raven Cycle #4) By: Maggie Stiefvater. I was sure this book would end in tragedy but it ended up having a really uplifting ending, that fit perfectly with the series.


A book you wish you could forget you ever read.


Shatter Me By: Thahereh Mafi. I picked this book up because I thought the cover was really cool (I know, I should have known right then that that was a stupid reason to buy a book but I couldn’t help it!). I was just really confused and slightly concerned throughout the whole book, it was not for me.


an author whose books always get you out of a slump.

I will say Kiera Cass. The Selection Series is such a guilty pleasure of mine, and they always cheer me up, even if they aren’t the best written books out there.


A swoon-worthy Hero or Heroine.

Um Magnus Damora from Falling Kingdoms. He has the whole bad boy thing going for him but as the series goes on you can see that he is actually a really sweet and caring person underneath.


a book that caused you to stop doing all other things until you finished it.

The 5th Wave By: Rick Yancey. It was just so immersive and the writing was beautiful, I couldn’t put it down!


A book that was painful to read.


This book was more uncomfortable than painful, Red Rising By: Pierce Brown. There was a lot of very dark imagery and events in this book that were hard to read. It is a good Science-fi book, but I have been reluctant to read the rest of the series.


A book that had you laughing out loud.

My Lady Jane. I already did a review of this book so you know how much I loved it, but honestly I didn’t expect it to be so funny, it really did make me laugh out loud.


A book that made you want to send it Flying. 


Glass Sword (Red Queen #2) By: Victoria Aveyard. Mare developed such an annoying Hero complex I really just wanted to yell at her for most of the book.


A bookish world you wish you could visit.

I know I have used this a lot already but Harry Potter. I wanted to go to Hogwarts so badly (still do), that I actually waited for a letter on my 11th birthday. I guess I will have to settle for Harry Potter World in Universal Studios.


A book with a shocking twist or ending.


The 5th wave series ended with something I definitely didn’t see coming until halfway through the last book. I don’t know how I feel about it, but it was definitely shocking.


A character death that destroyed you.

This is a spoiler for Shattered Realms and The Demon King!!! Han from Demon King is killed in Flamecaster and honestly a little part of me died. I kept reading and the book was actually very good, but I can’t believe she killed off such a prominent character from the original series.


Best series conclusion.


Since I have used Harry Potter a lot already I will say Emerald Green from the Precious Gems series By: Kerstin Gier. It was a really happy and satisfying end to a fun series!


*All my pictures were taken from Goodreads

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If I haven’t tagged you but you would like to do this please consider yourselves tagged! And I tried to tag people who hadn’t done this one yet but if you have my apologies!


23 thoughts on “Harry Potter Spells Tag!

  1. This tag is so cute, I love it! I saw you had The Fifth Wave up there, did you finish the entire series or just that book? I’m the worst, I bought the second book and it’s been probably a year and I haven’t read it ): The Fifth Wave was outstanding though! The Kirsten Gier series looks good, I’ve always seen it and haven’t picked it up. Glad you liked it, I’ll have to check it out!

    Love your blog,
    xx Cambrie @ and so the book begins


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